Sunday, May 01, 2016

Forbidden Scribbles from a Vipassana Retreat

Forbidden Scribbles**
on a Vipassana Retreat

Lying in Buddha posture
Outside I hear geese
Like me flying home


First Buds of Spring
Bird rustles in the underbrush
Can you ask a poet not to sing?


Old lady nods off
Drooping head signals torpor
Lion awakes without fail


Are clouds sky--sky clouds?
Where are you mind?
I looked everywhere and can’t find you 


Cars rush, Ocean of Dharma***
Squeaky door, cat’s meow
What’s real?

**Generally one is discouraged from writing or reading on a traditional Vipassana retreat. These mosty composed in my head outdoors during retreat, then jotted down on scraps of paper
***Part of my Bodhisattva name

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  1. Nope, cannot ask a poet not to sing. I am so glad you sing, scribble and write!