Thursday, September 23, 2010

Peter Orlovsky's Memorial September 22, 2010

PHOTO: Philip Glass and Patti Smith performing Ginsberg'e poem, "On the Cremation of Chogyam Trungpa"

A You Tube variation here:

Peter Orlovsky's memorial at St. Mark's Church on September 22, 2010 brought together the extended family of Allen and Peter for a final farewell. We began the evening by meeting outside The Thirsty Scholar before making our way to Vaselka's famous Ukrainian restaurant on Second Ave for dinner and then on to the church for the memorial.

Here are some photos from the evening.

PHOTO: Anne Waldman and Family

PHOTO: Peter Hale of the Allen Ginsberg Trust who organized the event

PHOTO: Juanita Lieberman & friend outside The Thirsty Scholar

PHOTO: Gordon Ball

PHOTO: Steven Taylor

PHOTO: Shiv Mirabito & Andy Clausen

PHOTO: Ambrose Bye and Anne Waldman performing Peter's St. Francis poem

PHOTO: Miriam Sanders & Bill Morgon

PHOTO: Bev Isis and Peter Hale

PHOTO: Juanita & Ed Sanders

PHOTO: Rosebud & Bill Morgan

PHOTO: Juanita and Robert Frank

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  1. Not many gatherings like this left. Thanks for posting, I wish I could've been there.