Online Resources for Poetrymind Courses and Writing Groups

The following links are basic over all poetry sites that include poetry, lessons, definitions and many essays. I encourage you to put together your own list of resources. The following cover the full spectrum of American and international poetics. 

Ø    Poetry Foundation
Ø    Acsdemy of American Poets htttp://www,
Ø    PennSound (audio):
Ø    The Allen Ginsberg Project:
Ø    Poetry Society fo America:
Ø    The Elecronic Poetry Center :
Ø    Associated Writing Programs:
Ø    PBS Poetry Series;

Glossaries of Poetic Forms and Terms

Poetic Meter

Elements of Poetry

Some Online Magazines to read:

Poets and Writers Magazine at :
Poetry International   at:

Writers Chronicle at

You Tube is filled with videos of international poets reading their work  as well as the songs of many cultures. You can also find early recordings by famous poets—a fun thing to do when you have insomnia!