Tuesday, April 02, 2019

More April Birthday Poems

Lama Lena is one of my favorite Western Buddhist Teachers. Here is my homage to her on her April 1 birthday:

Lama Lena
Fortress of Knowledge
Soft hearted warrior
with razor sharp mind
Secret emissary of Guru Rinpoche
We fortunate ones love 
the feral rove of your transversing 
unchartered pathways
illuminating our journey across 
the great reef of ignorance
to awaken minds
We bow down to you fearless one
May your life force be strengthened
May we meet you again and again
through our travels
Today we celebrate your birth 
in all its wondrous display of artistry 
and joyful sustenance
Thank you beloved friend and teacher

Today April 2 is poet Anne Waldman's Birthday. She was born in the Year of the Wood Rooster and I composed this with her in mind as part of my Losar series. 

Photo of Anne at an AWP conference 2010 taken by me

Such iridescent display
Cockadoodiling us awake
Each day without fail
As reliable as the sun
you rise to summon forth
Bright scrys of portend
Acuity for the larger meanings in the scheme
Of so-called phenomena
Beneficent scribe to the downcast
Outsiders, end stop
You set the bar high
A million hands in the fire
No task too daunting

Harbinger of new, always fresh
Our number one

This work is part of my Losar series with original art by Ingmar Pema Dechen. Many of my poet/writer friends are Wood Roosters including Verandah Porche and Richard Wizansky

Verandah another Wood Rooster poet