Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Vajra Poem for These Times

We are the flame that melts conceptual mind 
 We are the flame that protects the indestructible mandala 
 We are the flame that dances in the fire 
 We are the flame that kindles endless compassion 
one candle at a time 


Written by Jacqueline Gens following a fire puja on Khandroling

Photo courtesy of Rosemary Rawcliffe

The Thin Line

For David Hernandez
A grandfather whose kindness I can never repay

The fires are lit to stave
Off first hoarfrost
The harvest in
With its scent of rot mingled
Amid sweetness
Overhead winged
Cry out in joyful unison
On their way home

Below crickets trill
Las Abuelas begin the story
Stitching us to the tapestry
Weaving our fate
Into the fragile web
Gossamer threads between
Being and non-being
Betwixt between
The thin line of here
And over there
Outside time
The fires are lit
For love and
Heart’s desire
Before extinquished
In final glory
And all is well

Day of the Dead installation, KPC October 31, 2016
Photo by Jacqueline Gens

October 19, 2016
Tsegyalgar East