Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A New Poem: To my Shambhala Friends In the Year of the Earth Dog

Dumb drunken magic show
Stupidity I sing you into the light

Dumb drunken magic show
Come forth you wily humping dog

Drunken dumb magic show
Unreal as a shadow on the wall

Drunken dumb magic show
Let the sparks of cognition light up
The mirror of your mind

Dumb drunken magic show
Heal all hurts, breathe in hot doggy horniness
Breathe out light elegant concourse

May women and men dance
The great circle of wisdom
Igniting fires of love
Melting hard heartedness

Oh dumb drunken magic show you are everything
Oh dumb drunken magic show you are nothing.
Let’s celebrate our mutual awakened heart!

Written In the charnel ground of public housing
July 7, 2018 in light of scandals in the night
Changchub Choetso aka Jacqueline Gens

A mash-up of the Shambhala Anthem and A Gift to Be Simple played by Walter Fordham. Who can forget those words.....Fearless the Warriors of Shambhala .........