Saturday, November 28, 2015

An Exquisite Corpse from our September Writing Group

Shall I postpose the  Acceptation (and realization)
            and scream at my own eyes?*

“Cherchez La Vache” ....Look to the cows if you want to know....
         Look to your mind

Look into your own eyes, see the inner world within

As self-protecting fantasy dissipates blazing disc
        in the Western horizon

Where in the eye does the I begin?

Azure Sky, iridescent grass, lone rose
      of sharon hangs in the summer breeze

The eye of the daisy, the mouth of the black-eyed susan
    fingers of fern reach out accepting our presence

Merging infinite symmetry in all its asymmetrical glory
     and time battered legacy of untold truths

We braid ourselves into pleasure, amid crickets, cookies
  and chat, tales of color and comedy

Fresh earth, matrix mana, kind-hearted
           stars explode

Raining sparkling dust covering the mirror of the soul 

To find out more about an Exquisite Corpse, visit here

*A line from Walt Whitman

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