Saturday, January 10, 2015

Coming Soon Poetrymind Workshops in Brattleboro,VT


Participants will be introduced to basic mindfulness practices that “loosen” the mind from judgements and self-consciousness to access natural poetrymind in the moment. We will focus more on process than finished writing leading to fresh approaches and greater confidence in our authentic voice while still honing our craft.  Particpants will be introduced to Allen Ginsberg’s Mind Writing curriculum – the cornerstone of his teaching aesthetic as well as other contemporary methods such as projective verse, investigative poetics, and haiku hybrid forms. This will be a fun and deeply informative course with lots of visiting guests from meditation and yoga teachers to poet friends either in person or via skype. Both beginners and advanced poets and meditators welcome.

WHEN: February-March, 2015 every Sundays 11:00-2:00 PM
COST: $160 for all eight sessions plus optional material fee of $25 for source book. Limited to six-eight people. Location TBA


We will meet weekly to share favorite poems by others or ourselves, talk shop,  and encourage one another on the writer’s journey in a safe and non-competitive environment.  We will begin by refining our reading aloud skills and appreciation for the sacred dimension of language as scribe, witness, provocator, and oracular presence for these times.  Taking it from there, who knows?

WHEN : Ongoing Thursdays 10-Noon  COST: Sliding scale $15 per session  or $100 for 10 sessions. LOCATION TBA

(Spring 2015)

We will apply ourselves with ardent attention to the details of the phenomenal world  around us engaging in writing assignments and meditation as a basis to celebrate sacred world. Location TBA

COST: $125 (Friday night, Saturday & Sunday) includes a participant reading on Sunday

Writing the Heart’s Desire – Exploring Extended Metaphor as a Means to Discover One’s Own  Poetic Voice

Whether broken hearted, grieving, yearning for the impossible,  lovelorn, seeking reconciliation, recognition, locating ourselves in place or any of the myriad human circumstances, we will use our heart’s desire to access the stream of metaphors that hold our energy the most and release them into language reflecting our deepest meanings. This is not a therapy practice but rather an exploration of how to get real with our work.  We will examine stellar examples of works reflecting extended metaphors originating in the heart’s desire from Emily Dickinson, Wordsworth, Shelly, Walt Whitman. Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath, Mark Doty,  Anne Waldman, Charles Olson, and  Gary Snyder among others. 

Stay tuned for more more events and locations......

Jacqueline Gens MFA and MAT has worked with poets for over 30 years from Naropa’s famed Jack Kerouac School to the New England College MFA Program in Poery she co-founded with Chard DeNiord in 2001. For many years, she worked for the late poet Allen Ginsberg with whom she informally studied. She is a long time practitioner of Buddhism.  Recently retired, she founded the Khandroling Paper Cooperative which specializes in making handmade paper from recycled sacred texts and substances. She lives in Brattleboro, VT.

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*Calligraphy by Barbara Bash