Thursday, August 11, 2011

Coming Soon A Review of Louise Landes Levi's The Book of L

New Poem

In Praise of Mediocrity

Didn’t it used to be part of the Golden Mean—that balance

Between heaven and earth

The phi of perfect harmony

Its distance measurable in aquiline pentagrams

A magic lintel betwixt and between lacking in status

All perfections linked to the median

Between becoming and completion

That naked cipher of valuation

Among worldly configurations

No worries for me walking down streets

To the hoots of male orangutans

Or jealous vixens wishing me dead

Clinging sycophants wanting my money

Stabs in the back

The queen of mediocrity is barely noticed

Her paucity a mantle of invisibility

To the ultimate zero

A sublime nothingness

The simple fact is:

Genius prefers a C minus like Einstein

With freedom to ruminate unwatched

And unwashed in heavenly exploration

Playing every angle

Then stand bewitched before elemental fractals

If beautiful, everyone wants to own you, have a piece

Or circle in for the kill for standing out sublime

But ordinary is profound too

When lit from within

A brief glimmer

Its luminescence spreading

They will always love you for your mind

My mother said


Jacqueline Gens

Tsegyalgar East, July 2011

Broadside 2