Sunday, February 01, 2009

Year of the Earth Ox

Earth Ox Year

Hail, to the herd instinct moving us
in unison through winter's thick and thin
over razors edge between this or that crest.
One-pointed focus tames brute force
of cloven hoofs to the grindstone, heads
bowed intently with nostrils flared—
our horns poised to strike the bullwork of obstacles
shored up against realization or imagined enemies.
For, we are the earth-movers,
who graze with ease among sticks and stones
where nothing grows
except a sweet determination
to succeed!


  1. yes, what powerful images, as the Ox plows through the trees, naked for winter and waiting to bloom. But, in I think, three years the dragons will roam, melt the snow in their path, the mythical beasts of power and compassion, always welcoming the new year for some... peace ko shin, Bob Hanson

  2. Beautiful! Sean is an Ox. I will have to share this poem with him.