Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Kashag (Cabinet) Welcomes Chinese Lawyers in China for Offering Legal Service to Tibetans

The Kashag (Cabinet of the Tibetan Government in exile) Welcomes Chinese Lawyers in China for Offering Legal Service to Tibetans

The following communication of appreciation was sent to Chinese lawyers:
Source: Tibet Office of the Tibetan Government in Exile

We are heartened and inspired to learn that a group of Chinese lawyers based in Mainland China have offered their legal assistance to Tibetan arbitrarily arrested and imprisoned by Chinese authorities following the peaceful protests starting March 10, 2008 in Lhasa and other Tibetan areas.

We are equally encouraged to note that the lawyers, while expressing their serious concern for the well being of the arrested Tibetans, have called upon the concerned Chinese authorities to “obey the constitution, following the legal procedures in dealing with the arrested Tibetans….. no torture throughout interrogation and respect the independence of legal system”.

The Kashag would like to thank all those Chinese lawyers who have taken upon themselves to protect the legal rights of the Tibetans as well as Chinese people and have come forward to save the arrested Tibetans from the onslaught of a regime bent on curbing the fundamental rights of its own people to have a fair and just legal representation.

The Kashag
3 April 2008

Chinese human rights activists and lawyers inside mainland China are playing a key role in advocating on behalf of improved conditions for Tibetans. They are risking their lives, freedom of movement, imprisonment, and other punitive responses to their dedicated commitment to challenge China's internal disregard for its own constitution.

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