Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chinese Offer 20,000 Yun for Secret Information About Tibetans Involved int he March 14 Protest Sent Through text messages to Users of China Moblile

Reprinted from Tsering Woeser's Blog entry of April 9, 2008 in Epoch Times

Wang Xiangming, deputy Party Chief of Lhasa, once told the media over 1000 people who participated in the unrest in March were arrested or gave themselves up. Their trials will be held before May 1. Media generally considered Wang's talk provided the most comprehensive clues about Beijing's suppression in Tibet.

The scale of the anti-government protest in Tibet and the length of the protest is the largest and longest in the past 20 years. The highest ranking party cadre in Tibet, Zhang Qingli spoke on TV on April 2 about the government's suppression in Tibet. Zhang said the "soldiers were brave and skillful in fighting" and admired them for "listening to the Party, serving the people, and being brave."

The Tibet Autonomous Region Public Safety Department sent out a text message to users of China Mobile in Lhasa, "We encourage people to spontaneously provide information on the criminals involved in the March 14 incident. Once your information is proven to be true, you will receive 20,000 yuan (approximately US$ 2,857) as a reward and your information will be kept secret. The hotline is 0891-6311189, 6324422, or 110 to directly reach the Public Safety Department."

The Tibet Public Safety Department issued No. 13 warrant in both Tibetan and Chinese and broadcast on Tibetan Literary Television and Lhasa Television. Five people were wanted, all male. To date, 79 Tibetans are wanted.

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