Monday, February 19, 2007

Year of the Fire Pig

Greetings for Year of the Fire Pig

“...and long purples
That liberal shepherds give a grosser name,"
Hamlet, IV vii 170

What’s not to reconsider in grosser terms?
Disarrays— a casual display of hungers
unabated or stout limbs to follow long afternoons
in nothingness where we dally no where
to the larger world of perfections. or split hairs
of judgement. Let’s not forget that our design
is on the other side of civility--
Cracked open: a hue of fruit, its juice
rooting our place in the cosmos,
only to settle on the bud with a taste of eternity.
It’s the long purple we stroke into being:
Wild snouts aflame,
urgent FIRE PIGS
with noses to the ground
searching for the root.

Jacqueline Gens
Brattleboro, Vermont
February 19, 2007