Friday, October 14, 2005

from Suzuki Roshi's article "Zen in the Modern World"

"Those of you who wish to discipline yourself in Buddha's Dharma must seek true understanding. When this understanding is attained you will not be defiled by birth and death. Whether walking or standing still you will be your own master. Even when you are not trying to achieve something extraordinary, it will come to you all by itself....

Do you know where the disease lies which keeps you learners form reaching true understanding? It lies where you have no faith in your Self. When faith in your Self is lacking you find yourselves hurried by others in every possible way. At every encounter you are no longer your master; you are driven about by others this way or that.

All that is required is all at once to cease leaving your Self in search of something external. When this is done you find your Self no different form the Buddha or the patriarch.

Do you want to know who the Buddha or patriarch is? He is no other than the one who is, at this moment, right in front of me, listening to my talk on the Dharma. You have no faith in him and therefore you are in quest of someone else somewhere outside. And what will you find? Nothing but words and names, however excellent. You will never reach the moving spirit in the Buddha or patriarch. Make no mistake."