Saturday, May 28, 2005

Visiting Tzintsunzan

[Photo of the Growing Christ at Tzintsunzan]

Visiting Tzintsunzan

for Tsultrim Allione

"Rely, not on the Nethartha (indirect meaning/language) but on
Nithartha (direct menaing/experience)," the Buddha said.

The place where fire ends, marked in bronze, said gods
attained the human realm outside the village of Tzinsunzan.

It's just a minor ediface, in a field of megaliths along Lake Patzcuaro,
where Perepecha still cast handmade nets from dug-out canoes.

The place where fire ends rises as light in absence of struggle
from "Conque asi es la famosa civilizacion Humana"

painted on a scroll in the small dog's mouth on another church wall,
now turned library dedicated to Gertrude Botenegra and Mexico.

But here in Tzinsunzan where the growing Christ
lies encased in glass with a toy fire engine swathed next

to his body-- dust motes move toward the sun.
A simple AH, that's all there is, you once said.

Patzcuaro, Mexico